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    Since I joined the VFW in 1993 I have sought to help with fund raising. Since Jackie and I were married, in 1997, we have both sought out non-profits with good reputations doing good things and have tried to help them raise needed funds.

    I don’t normally think “in the box” so my ideas are not totally understood by the groups we approach. It’s like they just don’t get it! The program being presented is one in which the non-profit is not just holding out their hand asking for money. It is also not one that will raise $500 baking cakes or other similar type of events.

    I propose a way to bring in tens of thousands of dollars, annually, simply by offering something for free that will help the members and supporters (and anyone they see) save money and earn money. The program will also increase the NP’s supporter base because of that dollar savings for the supporters.

    If you are a non-profit looking to raise funds with a minimum of time and effort or if you know of such please contact us or have them contact us.

    All of our contact information is located at the Front Door or you can use the Comment at the end of this post.

    Thanks for reading.