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Here is something that continues to make my brain spin!

I approach a non-profit organization, veteran related or not, with a short proposal to help them raise funds so they can continue to perform their “Mission Statement”. They are all asking for money – donations – just look at their websites for the “How to help” or “Donate Now” buttons or links.

Almost all of the people I have contacted and spoken with or exchanged emails with have a similar response – “We have no wish to raise funds in that method”. (I took a few comments and paraphrased them.)

These folks either have the wrong person making the decision or they are not listening or they are thinking within a very, very small box or they don’t want to work a little.

Why would a non-profit turn their backs on raising funds?
Why would a non-profit say “not interested” even when it will cost them nothing but a little work?

Okay, so your answer is what? Would someone explain to me why the answers are like that when I can show, and help, them raise $20,000 at a single event?

Anyone? If I could get someone to explain it then perhaps I could improve my explanations to them. Given the chance I know I can help.

Since I joined the Veterans of Foreign Wars in 1993 (Life Member) I have taken a great interest in helping Veteran non-profit organizations raise funds. This has been a major interest for me because for the first time I realized the importance of these organizations to our Veteran and Military Family.

I observed many organizations “jump through hoops” trying to raise money so they can help Veterans, Kids and communities. You know; barbecues, bake sales, dances and yard sales. These are all good for raising money but are they enough? With the many hours of work and co-ordination they raise hundreds of dollars and they do help. However, when you calculate the per hour amounts raised it is usually around $10-$15 per working hour.

I’ve looked at many organization web sites and have seen some common items. One is the fact that they do much good. The other is the fact that most have a donate button or link somewhere on the site. Suppose instead of just accepting one-time donations an organization could keep receiving donations without simply asking for money. What if you could help your supporters, members and the people that receive your help, save money AND you keep receiving donations? Would that be something you would be willing to spend ten or fifteen minutes investigating?

I finally have a way to help ANY organization increase their annual donations and I offer that opportunity to you.

Jim Younger
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Jim ClassAVietnam Brotherhood
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We work with non-profits to help them raise much needed funds for the projects they are involved with.
We have yet to speak with a non-profit that has considered travel for their fund raising. We do things like establish a cruise, that the organization must inform all of the members and supporters about.
We act as the go-between with the organization and the cruise line.

With active groups this can raise as much at $20,000 for one cruise. And, guess what – the organization does not spend anything except for publicity.
We do not charge for doing this.

Contact us using the information on the Front Door and we will get back with you to get the ball rolling.