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Here is how I see it.
Since the Administration became the “property” of Pres. Obama our country has really gone the wrong way.
1 – Political Correctness – this is the most stupid, UN-American thing to hit our country. You have to watch every word that you say; people can’t take jokes; and so much more crap.
2 – The United States became a Country and became great and powerful mainly because of our Military Might and our willingness to try to do the right thing. Why would ANY Commander in Chief want to cut our military and defense? As a Veteran there is NO way I would be serving under this so called CiC.
3 – Taxes – Don’t raise taxes! It is not the way to increase revenue. Let companies open new plants, like Boeing in South Carolina to create jobs. Let the oil pipe lines run and create jobs. Get the Federal Government out of MY way so I can hire Veterans.
4 – Jobs – read number 3 and 5
5 – Healthcare – repeal the law and let companies know how much money they can invest in hiring.
6 – Regulations – I am trying to get become a Certified Veteran Small Business Owner. The crap that I have been going through is unbelievable. I have been in the VA system for over 10 years so they should know that I am a Veteran. Crazy stuff.

So, it appears to me that the biggest problem we have in the United States starts at the top – the President and the Federal Government.

And that’s my view.

I have a good friend, a Democrat, who happens to be the president of a small bank. We speak politics a good deal about the current administration and how a good deal of what has happened has had a negative impact on the bank.
New regulations are causing the costs, for the bank, to increase due to the amount of time it and effort it takes the staff to implement and follow through on the regulations.
The Healthcare law is going to cost the bank more also.

So how is this person going to vote? For Obama of course.
What? Why, I ask. Because I like the guy, is the answer I get.
Okay, then, do you like me? Yes is the answer. Would you vote for me? No, is the answer.

So, what the heck? Somebody please explain that to me!!

I saw an interview on Fox tonight and one of the college students, getting ready to graduate, said he will vote for Obama even though because of Obama he cannot find a job, has no money, can’t afford healthcare and is in bad shape.
Why is he voting for Obama? Because he likes the guy.

So, what the heck? Somebody please explain that one to me!!

We need jobs but the administration block job creation.
We need more small businesses but the administration makes it practically impossible to start a business. Believe me – I am going through that right now.

We need a conservative president to lead us back to our traditional values and thoughts and to lead us back to the top of heap in the world – AND QUICKLY!!

And that’s my view.

You know, it’s a shame when our Federal Government totally ignores Illegal Invaders coming into our country, and a State has to take a stand. I am very glad to see it happen and now, as of today, I have heard of 13 other states considering similar legislation.
Every Veteran and Every active duty military person should support Arizona! Why?? If you have to ask that question then you don’t understand that WE veterans put our lives on the line to keep illegal invaders OUT of our country.
Why did we do that? Out of love for our Country and our way of life and our families. Isn’t that good enough? Very obviously it’s not to Our “Commander in Chief” and all the idiots who slammed the legislation without even reading it. What’s with that? These are the same people that don’t give a s*** about the lives being lost by our military NOR for the lives they are ruining in our country.
If I had my way, EVERY government employee, from the President to the newest military private to the newest Civil Servant, that feels we should not protect ourselves from illegal invaders, would be fired. They do NOT deserve to work in our country. Then they should all be stripped of their citizenship and, if they want to stay here, they would have to prove they are worthy.

Wow, I can go on, but, I have to find a job that some Illegal Invader has taken from me.

What do you think?