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I recently read something that made me stop and think. How is the President really doing? Here is a list – make up your own mind.

  1. He was going to cut the deficit – Failed
  2. He was going to reduce unemployment – Failed
  3. He was going to unite Americans – Failed
  4. He was going to secure the borders – Failed
  5. He was going to make America safer – Failed
  6. He was going to cut out Lobbyists – Failed
  7. He took an Oath to defend the Constitution – Failed
  8. He was going to improve the economy – Failed
    While in office we have seen:

  1. Our credit rating downgraded
  2. More people on food stamps than any time in history
  3. More racial tension
  4. More threats from foreign enemies
  5. More enemies inside the White House than any time in history
  6. America is less safe than four years ago
  7. More Americans are hurting than four years ago
  8. America is going deeper in debt

The worst of all is the cuts pushed on our military and veterans.

Will you still vote for Mr. Obama?
I will not!

And that’s my view.

“Glenn Beck” – his name stirs people – some say he is crazy and some say he makes sense.

I frequently watch him on the Fox News Channel so I have developed a sense of what he is about. He believes in the U.S. Constitution and he believes in the United States of America.
He seems not to single out a single Party, in our government, but the government itself. He will point to someone that is not following the Constitution and then he explains why. The next person he speaks about may be the one that is NOT working for our country but for him or her self.
Many of his points are pretty damn accurate if you take the time to fact check what he has spoken about. Things like security at the borders; security at our airports and sea ports; common sense that seems to be lacking when a child in a wheel chair has to walk through the security system at an airport.
The other day he spoke at the CPAC and I took his basic theme to be the present government is trying to take away our liberties, take away the basic principles of our country, you know, the ones that made us as great as we are, take away OUR control of our own lives including how we live in our own homes – taking away our freedom.

I tend to agree. Should our Federal Government be telling me what I can and can’t eat; tell me that I MUST have health insurance or they will fine me; tell me that if I have too much health insurance they will fine me; tell me that as an employer I MUST provide healthcare to my employees (sure it’s nice but as an employer if I don’t have to pay for that I can pay my employees a better salary).
There is a post here about the Oath of Office. What happened to that oath?

It is time for Americans to “wake up” and hear what he is saying and analyze what he is saying. Make a spreadsheet and pick a topic of his then write the pros and cons, with an honest approach, and you will see that his concepts and ideas ring true.
We all can make a difference if we stop being so lazy and we remind our representatives that they work for us and they, like any other employee, must listen to what we are saying.

And that’s my view.