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We are offering this blog to voice our opinions about what is happening with our country and things that can be done to “fix the system”.

While we welcome all points of view, via comments, we will not tolerate bad comments of any sort. They will be ignored completely!

I have recently had a few links added in comments that point to websites. To remain fair and balanced I would prefer no website links in your comments.

Having said that if you would like to exchange links please ask me.

About Me

You want to know a little about me and why I created this blog?

Sure! My name is Jim. I am a veteran of the U.S. Army in which I served from 1966 – 1972.

I am a member of The Veterans of Foreign Wars, The American Legion and the Vietnam Brotherhood.

Although I lean slightly to the right in the political world and am a registered Independent my votes depend on the content of the person running.

I have spent over 45 years working with computers mostly in the banking industry. My background also includes owning a successful business for over 20 years, part time while in the corporate world, then full time.

Veteran issues have become important to me and I wanted to create a site that will let people voice, within reason, their opinions.

I will also be adding tools in information to “fight the good fight” for our country.

Now you know.

You may contact me by email to:


Bradenton, FL 34208

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